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Evolving Patterns comes from a simple insight: the use of sound as a tool to research and know our self.
My name is Paolo Zappalà, I love to produce music, to play with sound and to understand the mechanisms that underlie my state of being and my behaviour. I decided to create this website because I thought it would make more sense to share what excites me the most, amplifying the possibilities to interact with other people throughout this endless path of research and growth.
Through writing, programming, music and images I intend to supply useful tools to evolve beyond the idea that we have of ourselves, going to recognise the patterns within which we relentlessly keep identifying ourself.

The question “who am i?” is as ancient as the world and seems to be meant to have no answer(maybe an answer would mean the end of our evolution?) but, coming to think of it, it appears to be the question that animates this website. As time goes by, we get an idea of our identity, just as we get used to recognise our image when looking in the mirror. The persistence of the form creates the sense of identity. Just as we identify ourself with a physical form, we also continuously identify ourself with mental forms which describe our values, our priorities and generally identify our way to conceive life. These evolving patterns mould that which we believe to be. If we could change these patterns as we please we could regenerate ourself, transform our habits. I don’t think I am exaggerating if I say that doing so we could also completely transform our life. This is the awareness from which the name of this website comes from.
I often use sound as a research tool, and I am currently working assiduously on the creation of a software that allows to generate sound frequencies and visualise their harmonic interweaving as geometrical patterns. The shapes that arise from them appear like line drawings which, curiously, often take the shape of symbols seen in different fields such as: geometrical patterns found in religious places, the path of the combined rotation of two planets, molecular structures.

Inspired by the wish to understand the reasons why the same symbol often occurs in areas coming from different branches of knowledge, I found myself absorbed in a research path that encompasses several fields and that, if on one hand it requires a non-trivial amount of dedication and time, on the other hand it gives precious insights on the links that exist between mind, matter and energy. You can find further information in the page “Sonicrama”.

Evolving Patterns