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Sound is a great teacher, and with the power of the metaphor it can heal and take us towards new realms of understanding. By observing what happens when we are listening to music we can understand a great deal about how we function and about how we create and respond to our reality.

Sound creates invisible, subtle matter, that nonetheless has a powerful impact on our senses. When we listen to music, our imagination is entangled in another plane of understanding, that is not seeing, and neither merely a mechanical hearing, but rather a perception of reality that takes place on a level which ordinarily we are not totally aware of.  Music creates patterns, invisible shapes in motion that go right through our body. By observing these patterns we co-create them. Since observation is creation, we end up inside a maze that we have created ourselves. 

It is our choice whether to pay attention to the sound in motion and sculpt meaning into it or to watch it dissolve like smoke and see right through its intricacy. Our state of awareness makes the difference. It’s like having a dream or having a dream knowing that we are having a dream.

We can apply this understanding in our social life to find the pivotal point that make us have the life experience we are having. There are thoughts patterns and behaviours patterns that are “played” out loud by our collective society, and as we observe them we give them meaning, we co-create them. We take these patterns as a blue-print and build a world of reality out of it with the tools of our imagination and our emotions. As we forget to be the builders of these realities we can easily get entangled in them and stay engulfed in a situation that seems not to want to change, with a strength that is equal to the one we put in believing that it won’t change. We define our world. 

What analogy can we take from music and use it to understand why these patterns are so effective on having a grip on us, and if we so desire, how to change these patterns? 

One analogy that we can use is repetition. Repetition creates identity. We like repetition, it makes us feel safe. It is the veil of illusion that makes us believe that things have a definite identity, and it hides a big truth: that all is changing. From our face that we recognise in the mirror to the culture of a civilisation. Our media helps in feeding this illusion by creating a grid of repeated signals so thick and constant that it allows us to walk on it, loosing sight of the ground. We are like inside a bubble that we are afraid to burst for we don’t remember what it is outside and we are not sure that things will be alright outside of it. It is ok to be in our bubble, in the same manner as it is okay to enjoy a song. But if we start to feel uncomfortable with the song, it can be useful to remember that we can burst the bubble of self-hypnosis by simply being aware of it.

Going back to music, we see the same tool of repetition used on a macro scale, in the song structure, and on a micro scale, in the frequency of the sounds that form the notes of the song. Without repetition there is no seduction, no understanding. Without repetition there is only fragmented noise that we are not able to recognise. Not a reality we can walk on.

The frequency of a sound is repetition itself. What pitch it will manifest is due to how fast this repetition will occur. By dissecting the sound we find that the feeling of a pitch is the superficial facade of a vibration.

 Similarly, quantum physics tell us that matter is a field of vibration, or in other words, energy. The more we dive into matter the more we find out that the solidity and consistency of the apparent level is a superficial effect of a field of vibration. The same understanding is found in Indian spirituality, in the  description of the creation of the universe, where Anahada Nada, which means “unstruck sound”, is the subtle vibration that constitutes the entire universe, the primal sound of energy itself.


some inspiring quotes :

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla –

“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan –

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

– the Bible (John 1:1) –


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