Freedom, Action, Responsibility
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A human being that is just born is full Potentiality. When he’s going to die he (or she) looks back at his life and realises to have lived in a certain way being a plumber rather than a painter or a lawyer. He realises that he has become Actuality.

Potentiality has no shape. It is fertile. It can become anything. Before we are born we belong to potentiality. We are potentiality. We are All and we are God,  But we are not manifest. Potentiality is what everything can become. Before coming to existence as we understand it, we all are the same thing: potentiality. We are all that which we can become. In that state we don’t exist in any particular form of manifestation of ourselves. We are the time-space eternity. Looking from this perspective, the process of becoming Actuality seems similar to a process of continuous subtraction. a continuous discarding, a continuous choice.

Gradually as the time passes and we live our life, the constant flow of possible actualisations passes by, infinite in number for every instant of our life. At any breath, even if we do nothing, even if we stay still, sitting, staring at the wall, we take countless choices that change the course of the entire universe. The potential ALL that we are made of takes shape.

Any story, any event and any manifestation exists already in the vast web of pure freedom. We only have to see the one we want to manifest to make it visible and real for us.

Even unconsciously, by inertia,  we choose what shape our life will take. We choose even with lack of intervention, because when life is immersed in the flow of time, it is like a fall of water in an ice cold weather. The water freezes and takes whatever shape it has at the moment of the fall. We can change the course of the water to let it freeze in the shape we prefer. To choose not to change the course of the water equals to let the chance decide.

Does letting the chance decide mean not to take responsibility for our actions?

In other words, when we just observe and let things happen without taking action, does it equals to not taking responsibility for our life?

This question arises when we don’t see not taking a decision as a decision. We cannot avoid to choose. We are entangled in a never-ending process of choosing. If we accept the consequences of our action (or no-action) then we are free and we are taking responsibilities. If we are content with choosing no-action, let’s go ahead with it. If we are happy with choosing action, let’s go ahead with it. With action we take gratification in the shape we give to the event. With no-action we take gratification in admiring the shape-manifesting process. If we don’t feel at peace until we get a certain result, action is needed. If we feel at peace regardless, no-action takes us to the destination in no time.

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