Observation and Creativity

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The big secret of humanity is creativity. The missing piece makes the whole picture understandable.

“Why is the sky blue?” — “Because we see it blue”.

“Why is the wolf bad?” — ”Because we decided so”.

“Why is death sad?” — “Because we made it so”.

Creativity is the key. We constantly create.

What is the difference between observation and creativity?

I think there is no difference. We can’t stop create, even when we are not aware to do so. If we are not aware to be the creators of our reality, we live like in a dream unaware to be the ones who are dreaming the dream. We end up thinking reality is as it is because it is as it is, don’t question about it, it’s a given fact. Which is true, but at the same time it is as it is because we make it so.

That’s why in a controlled society, education is of primal importance. There is an old Jesuit maxim that goes:
“Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.”
Once a certain way to conceive and perceive reality is installed in the human mind, especially in the early years of life, that “version” of reality will be the chosen one by default from that point onward, unless one becomes aware of the creative act.
If, for any reason, who administrates society doesn’t like people to be aware of the creative role they have in building society, will make sure people are fed with the logical description of a structured and unchangeable reality.

Logic triggers the left part of the brain, so the logical part of us becomes the police and the guardian of our creative part. The rational acts like the jailor of the Creator, who is not allowed freedom otherwise…. Otherwise what would the consequences be? We would become mad. Madness is an expression of creativity.

What once was the territory of the Gods is now labelled as unwanted, dysfunctional behaviour. When we use the power of creativity to observe something other than what’s been suggested, we are called mad.

Our fictional reality, which is only one of the infinite possibile realities, is kept up today with a constant feed of information that supports the plot, otherwise people might forget this version of reality and create something different.

Everything changes naturally and “reality” is not exception. It is a universal law that you can notice yourself if you observe anything with awareness. An enormous amount of resources are to be employed to keep this fictional reality up and running in the mind of everyone at all time.

I invite to consider the following thought: institutions, laws, fashion, culture, politics, believes, religion do not exist by themselves; they are fabricated within our mind (we make them real) and they don’t necessarily have to stay there if we don’t like so. There is nothing out there that ought to stay unchanged forever. Everything is the result of our collective agreement as a society. I believe that to understand this point does make us more aware of the freedom and the creative power we all naturally possess.


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